International arbitrators join the Arbitration courts at the “Legal Assistance and Mediation” Association

Nine international arbitrators joined the Arbitration courts at the “Legal Assistance and Mediation” Association.

On June 2nd, at a special ceremony, the Chairman of the Arbitration Court Sofia, Mr. Dragomir Zhelyazkov, welcomed the arbitrators and handed them the official certificates for registration to the Arbitration Chamber of the “Legal Assitence and Mediation" Association.

 Bernard Cahen is a French lawyer with more then 50 years of professional experience in the field of the commercial, media and penalty law. He is Officier de l’Ordre “de la Legion d’Honneur” and Chevalier of the “Ordre du Merite”.

 Georg Lett is a member of the Danish bar association and since 2006 – of the ICC International court of Arbitration. He deals especially with litigation and arbitration as well as the law of damages, insurance law and EU law. A key focus area is Mr. Lett's extensive assistance to the insurance and finance industries and, in addition to conducting lawsuits before the Danish courts, he also appears before arbitration tribunals as well as the European Court of Justice.

 Ulrich Münzer is a German lawyer with more than 25 years of professional experience. He is bar certified specialist in International Business Law. He is a member of the Working Group European Contract Law of the German Federal Bar. He is a Lecturer of International and EU company law and German Civil Code at the University of Applied Sciences of Pforzheim.

 Cedric Berger starts his carrier in the late eighties by Merrill Lynch Capital Market Institutional Sales Office in London. Since 1993 he is a Member of the Bar of Geneva. He is editor of the Swiss American Review, Washington, D.C. and an arbitrator at the ICC International court of Arbitration, as well as at several Swiss arbitration courts. His specialization is in Banking Law, Contractual law, Construction law, experience in Arbitration (ICC and local), Litigation, Mutual legal assistance in criminal, administrative and civil matters, Counsel, Contract Law, Immigration Law, torts.

 Matz Ingvar is a member of the Swedish Bar Association since 1988. He specializes in International commercial law, copyright and intellectual property law, construction, M&A, litigation and arbitration, in a number of different line of businesses and industries.
 Sandor Nemeth is a Hungarian lawyer with more than 10 years of experience in the field of the company and business law. He specializes in corporate and M&A transactions, due diligence, S&P Agreements.
 Eve Mongin is a member of the Paris and of the Perugia Bar. She specializes in commercial and business litigation and drafting of settlement agreements and contracts. She was lecturer for Public law in Paris.

 Rene Offersen is a Danish lawyer and arbitrator at the ICC International Court of Arbitration, as well as at several other international arbitration tribunals. He is an experienced ADR specialist. He teaches at the University of Aarhus.

 Sotiris Felios is a Greek lawyer highly skilled in arbitration and mediation. He has been awarded with the Medal of Honor by the President of the Austrian Republic for his contribution to the legal profession during his Presidency at the European BAR (CCBE).

According to the Vice-Chairperson, Mrs. Natalia Alexandrova, lawyers with such qualification and experience are a compliment not only to the Arbitration courts at the “Legal Assistance and Mediation” Association but for the quality of the jurisdiction in Bulgaria in general.

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