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Bulgaria's full membership in the European Union sets many challenges to all sectors of the socio-economic and political life in the country. The successful integration into the EU requires a significant effort by both the public institutions on the one hand, and the business circles and citizens on the other.
The advantages that have been proven true in the practices of arbitration court over regular court proceedings are as follows: speed, transparency, economy and confidence.

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) at LAMA

What is ADR?

ADR is a term used to describe various methods of dispute resolution avoiding the intervention of state courts.

For instance, in the case of dispute occurrence if you decide to bring it to the court you will face an expensive, stressful and really slow procedure. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) will save time, funds and above all, you will keep good interrelations with the other party.

ADR at LAMA will be accessible to citizens after accepting the rules for activity and other documents required by law for which we will duly notify you on our website.


Since 01.08.2012, we have provided citizens with services of Mediation and Reconciliation at LAMA.
Mediation and Reconciliation is procedure which can be applied to each phase of a particular dispute where else’s will is not imposed on disputing parties and there is no losing party. It is extremely cheap and fast.
We recommend procedure to start immediately after dispute occurrence, before its escalation and before bringing it to Court.

Procedures for performing Mediation and Reconciliation are described in Reconciliation Rules.

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