ARBITRATION COURT VELIKO TARNOVO /ACVT/ is an independent judicial institution.

ARBITRATION COURT VELIKO TARNOVO was created with a decision of the members of Non-profit Association named "AC - VT", taken on 20.12.2010. With the same decision Articles of association, Statutes, Tariff and a List of Arbitrators of the Arbitration Court VELIKO TARNOVO were adopted.

With a Decision of the Association members from 28.02.2011 the name of the same non-profit Association has been changed to "LEGAL ADVICE AND MEDIATION".

ARBITRATION COURT VELIKO TARNOVO resolves civil and commercial property disputes, and also disputes aimed at filling gaps in a contract or its adjustments to newly arisen circumstances between parties, physical persons or legal entities, having an address of residence and head-office in Bulgaria or abroad. Disputes are heard in accordance with the Statutes of ARBITRATION COURT VELIKO TARNOVO by arbitrators named in the List of Arbitrators of ARBITRATION COURT VELIKO TARNOVO.

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