Seminar in "St. Constantine and Elena" complex.


The Grand Hotel “Varna” in “St. Constantine and Helena” resort The Arbitration Court Sofia together with the Court of Arbitration at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a seminar on the topic "Advantages of the Arbitration Proceedings in Resolving Commercial Disputes in Bulgaria and in Rosia".

 The seminar was attended by the District Governor of Varna, the Consul of the Russian Federation for the City of Varna - Mrs. Galina Kovachevskaia, as well as many businessman and lawyers.

The Chairman of the Court of Arbitration at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, Mrs. Marina Zinovievna Pak explained the advantages of the arbitration proceedings in the Russian Federation.

In 2014, arbitration cases for more than than $ 700 million  of companies from US, Canada, Japan, China, India, and EU countries were heard by the Moscow Arbitration Court.

The participants in the seminar point out the main advantages of arbitration proceedings in Bulgaria as an alternative way to resolve disputes, which is characterized by high promptitude, low fees and efficiency.

For the past year 2014, more than 44,751 domestic and 62 international arbitration cases and 71 mediation proceedings were heard by the Arbitration Court Sofia, making it one of the most efficient arbitration courts in Europe.


The seminar ended with an official cocktail at which the participants exchanged their insights and experience in conducting arbitration proceedings in resolving commercial disputes.

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