Video: Arbitration Court Sofia has appointed new employees under the “Youth Employment Program”.

 According to information of the Deputy Chairman of the Arbitration Court Sofia over 100,000 arbitration cases have brought for the past year in the Arbitration Court Sofia, which has opened new jobs.

The Deputy Chairman of the Sofia Court of Arbitration explained that, having become acquainted with the Operational Program "Human Resources Development", the Arbitration Court Sofia has benefited from the “Youth Employment scheme”, which has been extremely useful as it has enabled young people to touch the court system.

The Deputy Chairman of the Arbitration Sofia Court pointed out that, as employers, the “Youth employment” scheme has helped a great deal, as salaries and social security contributions were paid through it.

The greatest benefit of the Labor Offices of the Employment Agency is the fact that they have managed to make a qualitative selection and according to the requirements to refer to the Arbitration Court Sofia the most suitable employees for work.


Thanks to the Labor Offices of the Arbitration Sofia Court, high quality and well-performing young people have been targeted under the "Youth Employment" scheme, who for six months have been able to access e - Justice, handle a large number of cases and have helped for the development of the judiciary as a whole.

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